We design and build hydraulic systems of all sizes, including drive systems, winches, bridges, control panels, manifold assemblies and all sorts of auxiliary systems (breakers, grapples, booms, augers, etc.), no matter what industry you are in.

  • Hydraulic systems up to 1000s of litres
  • Power systems up to 1000s of kilowatts
  • Pressure systems up to 600 bar

Our engineering & design team has the expertise to design complete custom hydraulic systems and controls to meet your needs.

Auxiliary hydraulics since 1998

Depending on the vehicle, e.g. an excavator, a back-hoe or a front-end-loader, the auxiliary hydraulic system may vary.

Forklift conversions

We specialize in control system conversions from mechanical lever controls to user-friendly joystick control.

Excavators, loaders and other medium sized vehicles

We make conversions and/or build auxiliary systems for earthmovers and excavators, mostly regarding tiltrotators, breakers, grapples, augers and such. For front-end loaders we usually work with buckets, forks, sweepers, etc.

Did you know?
Sweeper and plow systems can be wholly operated by using a single joystick – making operator’s job more accurate, thus lessening the wearing of sweeper or plow gear and preventing minor accidents due to debris.

Sand spreader systems can be automated to respond to the spreader vehicle’s speed, for example the spreading will slow down or stop when in traffic.

Ships, barges, dredgers and other larger vessels

On maritime industry we have experience in design, classification and building with Bv or Dnv classifications.

We design, build and install all sorts of hydraulic systems for sea going vessels, such as:

  • Mooring winches
  • Seabed dredgers
  • Landing craft ramps

We have built a large crane barge for shipping lane maintenance. The barge and its crane and winches are all operated via remote-control.

We also build hydraulic fluid supply lines and pipings to 6-80 mm. When needed, we can provide the necessary documentation on required testing.


No matter what size you need or how complex your requirements are, just provide us with your specifications, schematics or performance requirements. Whether you need a small, single-pump system or a multi-pump system, we will work closely with you throughout the entire process – design, installation, start-up – to provide you with the most efficient, reliable hydraulic system possible.

Test and Support

Once we have run the complete in-house system test, we will deliver the system to your facility and install it. Prior to start-up, we can provide your staff with training materials and classes, bringing them up to speed on how to operate your new hydraulic system.

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We supply hydraulic systems as a turn-key solution, including automation and electrical work, control systems, piping systems, installations and implementation. We also provide extensive maintenance services and supply spare parts.