AF-Spider - Control System with Remote Diagnostics

AF-Spider is a centralized control system (with remote diagnostics feature) which will be installed to individual vehicles. Other features can be installed depending the specifications and type of vehicle cranes, trucks, forklifts or other similar industrial vehicles.

AF-Spider - Control System with Remote Diagnostics - Ohjausjärjestelmä etädiagnostiikalla

Prevent expensive breakdowns and reduce vehicle maintenance costs with AF-Spider’s Remote Diagnostics.

The AF-Spider continuously monitors different components and system conditions of individual vehicles and sends the data to the operator via internet.

With diagnostics data, the operator will always know the current and future condition of their vehicles or even of a single component.

Based on the data collected from the vehicles, faults can be predicted and fixed in time. This minimizes the number of maintenance-related stops.

Depending on the industry and location, possible classification and standard requirements can be met.

Enhanced mobility, improved safety and reduced costs – we can deliver it.

AF-Remote Control -
better visibility and improved safety

The safety of your vehicle operators is always the first priority.

AF-Remote frees the operator from the limitations to visibility of the cabin, and ensures safety while working in hazardous conditions.

With AF-Remote the vehicle can operate where the human can’t.

AF-Remote is an add-on system which requires the AF-Spider.

AF-Safetysystem -
percepts, detects and reacts

AF Mobility Solutions are applicable in almost any industry and even in the most hazardous environments.

AF Mobility Solutions - AF-mobiiliratkaisut

Highly customizable

AF Mobility Solutions are always custom-built depending on customer’s needs and specifications. Depending on the industry and country, possible classification and standard requirements can be met.

AF Mobility Solutions - AF-mobiiliratkaisut

Very scalable

If you have a single vehicle or even a whole fleet of different types of industrial vehicles, Averfin can provide you a cost-effective solution based on your individual needs.

AF Mobility Solutions - AF-mobiiliratkaisut

Reduced operating costs

While safety is always prioritized, never forget that our solutions will reduce the costs with less injuries, down-times and maintenance costs.

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