“A natural interest in machinery, their features and product research & development form the basis for the expertise and service we provide to our customers. Whether you need a single part of a project or are interested in a larger scale project, please get in touch!” – Jaana Hyttinen, CEO

Averfin Oy is a privately owned Finnish company established in 1998 that specializes in designing machine hydraulics and building control systems for machine electrification, as well as auxiliary equipment installations. Components and spare parts are also an integral part of our business profile.

The corner stones of our enterprise

1. Expertise in our field

Our experience extends to designing and building hydraulics and control systems for the maritime industry.

We have built control systems for hydraulics and machine electrification that require marine classification. We are one of Finland’s biggest suppliers of IQAN control systems.

2. Tailored service

We adapt our service solutions to our customers’ needs, and our service covers the equipment’s long life cycle, from commissioning to servicing and maintenance.

We always aim to carry out the work on our customers’ premises, which helps save time and resources. Our services are just a phone call away.

3. Skilled personnel

Technology has been advancing very rapidly in recent years. Ensuring a high level of expertise among personnel requires continuous training. Our employees regularly participate in trainings to ensure that they can meet any technical challenge.

4. Safety

We also place a high priority on occupational safety, and all of our employees have at least a valid Hot Work Licence and Occupational Safety Card, as well as the required security clearances.

We are one of the largest IQA control system suppliers in Finland.

We are happy to answer any questions or inquiries